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Interesting facts about Unisys Company

Unisys Corporation is a global information technology company that provides IT services, software, and technology. Here are some interesting facts about Unisys:

Interesting facts about Unisys Company

  • Formation: Unisys was formed in 1986 through the merger of Burroughs Corporation and Sperry Corporation, two major American information technology companies. The name "Unisys" is a combination of the words "united" and "information systems."

  • Legacy Companies: Burroughs Corporation was known for its expertise in manufacturing mainframe computers and electronic calculators, while Sperry Corporation specialized in electronic systems, including mainframes and defense systems.

  • Mainframe Expertise: Unisys has a long-standing history of expertise in mainframe computing. Its mainframe systems, such as the ClearPath line, are used by organizations worldwide for mission-critical applications in industries like banking, government, and transportation.

  • Global Presence: Unisys operates in over 60 countries and serves clients across various industries, including government, financial services, healthcare, transportation, and telecommunications.

  • Services and Solutions: Unisys offers a wide range of IT services and solutions, including cloud and infrastructure services, application services, cybersecurity solutions, digital workplace services, and industry-specific solutions.

  • Security Focus: Unisys is known for its focus on cybersecurity. It offers a range of security solutions, including threat detection and response, identity and access management, endpoint protection, and managed security services.

  • Innovation: Unisys has a history of innovation in technology. It holds numerous patents for inventions in areas such as computer hardware, software, and security technologies.

  • Government Contracts: Unisys has been awarded significant government contracts over the years, particularly in the United States. It provides IT services and solutions to various government agencies, including defense, law enforcement, and healthcare organizations.

  • Partnerships: Unisys collaborates with leading technology companies and partners to deliver comprehensive solutions to its clients. It has alliances with companies such as Microsoft, Dell Technologies, and AWS (Amazon Web Services).

  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Unisys is committed to corporate social responsibility initiatives, including environmental sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and community engagement programs.

These are just a few interesting facts about Unisys Corporation, highlighting its history, expertise, global reach, and commitment to innovation and social responsibility.


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