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Best AI Chrome Extensions for Developers

Time is a valuable resource in the brave new world of software development, and programmers are constantly searching for ingenious methods to cut corners. By using AI Chrome Extensions, you may take advantage of AI's remarkable capabilities to make coding easier for you. Bid farewell to monotonous, mind-numbing chores and welcome to an infinite world of opportunities.

Best AI Chrome Extensions for Developers

  • ChatGPT for Google: This extension integrates with Google to provide tailored search results for developers. It leverages existing language models to understand complex queries and deliver relevant information, saving you time and efforts.

  • The Fireflies Chrome Extension records, transcribes, and allows you to search conversations from platforms like Google Meet, Loom, Soapbox, and Bubbles.

  • Compose AI: Ideal for developers who frequently create written content, Compose AI assists with generating social media posts, emails, code snippets, and more.

  • Synthesia: A powerful tool that generates video content using AI. It can be useful for creating explanatory videos or tutorials.

  • Scalenut Chrome Extension: While specific details about this extension are not readily available, it likely offers AI-driven features related to development tasks.

  • provides automatic transcription services for meetings, interviews, and other spoken content. It’s handy for capturing spoken information during development discussions.

  • QuillBot: QuillBot is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps improve grammar, rephrase sentences, and enhance overall writing quality.

  • Merlin: An all-in-one AI assistant powered by GPT-4, Merlin can summarize blogs, YouTube videos, research papers, and websites. It also offers AI plugins for various tasks.

  • Murf: Murf is a powerful AI-powered Chrome extension that can help developers increase their website’s visibility on search engines.Murf’s machine learning algorithms can learn from your website’s performance over time to provide even more accurate suggestions for improvement.

  • Glasp: Similarly, details about Glasp are scarce. It’s worth exploring further to understand its capabilities.



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